Air transportation

The air freight is the fastest and one of the safest and most reliable types of transportation. When speed is crucial it will be the type of delivery that meet the needs for small and medium-sized shipments. Our specialists will work through each stage of the delivery from the cargo pick up moment from the shipper and delivery to the final consignee ensuring the high reliability and transparency

Railway transportation

The rail freight is one of the fastest, secure, and cost-effective transportation methods within the mainland. This type of transportation is proper for medium and large batches of goods, oversized and heavy loads. The railway network is especially convenient for transportation by Europe, Russia, and China

Sea transportation

The sea freight is often the most cost–effective solution for long-distance transportation of large loads, oversized and heavy weight cargo. Our specialists can arrange the sea freight of your cargo with further road freight, developing the optimal route and maximum reduction of the logistics costs

Road transport

The road freight is the most volume flexible and maneuverable mode of transport. FTL shipments allows you to speed up the delivery of goods to the market, bypassing consolidation warehouses

Organization of the partial- load cargoes is

The organization of the partial- load cargoes is a product that helps you to significantly reduce the transportation and logistics costs when small shipments delivering. Our specialists and a well-developed partner network will reduce not only the costs, but also the delivery time of your goods as part of LTL cargo

Customs clearance

Our experts in customs clearance are ready to offer you their services in import, export procedures, preliminary inspection, all documentation process, and docs registration that are necessary to the goods release

World trade

Our Trading houses are located in Turkey, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Serbia, Estonia, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan, which allows you to purchase goods from any country.

Insurance services

Cargo insurance services for the whole period of transportation