International logistics services in international combined transport

We provide a full range of customs and logistics, as well as warehouse services worldwide, we focus on transportation from Russian suppliers and to Russia


Air transportation

When speed is crucial it will be the type of delivery that meet the needs for small and medium-sized shipments

Railway transportation

This type of transportation is proper for medium and large batches of goods, oversized and heavy loads

Sea transportation

The sea freight is often the most cost–effective solution for long-distance transportation of large loads, oversized and heavy weight cargo

Road transport

The road freight is the most volume flexible and maneuverable mode of transport

Customs clearance

Вervices in procedures, preliminary inspection, all documentation process, and docs registration

Trading Houses

Our Trading houses located in Turkey, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, and Serbia allows you to receive the goods from any country

Insurance services

Cargo insurance services for the whole period of transportation

Calculation required?

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About us

Terra Global Logistics is a logistics operator and  business agent providing services under the Terra Global Logistics brand. The company organizes cargo transportation around the world and offers modern and flexible solutions for businesses to develop and implement complex supply chains of goods in modern conditions.

Integrated solutions make it possible to organize transportation and related operations with a complex term for export to the Russian Federation.